2015: Setting Some Goals

2015 has been a year of many highs and many lows as well. After a hectic and rough February and March, combined with the fact that 2015 has been a major year of transition for me, I am taking some time to step back and say that I want to dictate my life, not let my life dictate me.

So how do I plan to do that?

1) Get back to eating truly healthy. I have been on both sides of this pendulum- eating too little and eating way too much. I need to find moderation. I need to pick good foods, and avoid going out to eat too often. I need to eat better portion sizes.

2) Get active again. I plan on getting back to doing hot yoga at least 2-3x a week. I need to plan workouts for the other days of the week. I want to start walking with Jude during the day on Monday thru Thursdays.

3) Spend more time with friends. Do more things in free time with Bec as well- especiallygo on vacation this summer.

4) Work on structuring my schedule better.

5) Get my hair cut and colored so I actually feel like it looks cute

6) Keep improving at makeup

7) Keep building wardrobe – especially with summer coming up

8) Start spiritual practices and continue ones I have been doing: Devotions, meditation, more yoga, etc…

9) Read more: I finally finished a book for the first time in a while, I need to keep that up and finish at the very least one a month.

10) I want to develop a personal yoga flow for me to run through each day. Doesn’t need to be much more than 10 minutes, but have it help me focus on things I want to get better at. With this also being a step towards me being able to do teacher training soon as well.

11) Work on having better and more feminine handwriting. Work on transitioning my voice and feeling comfortable in my voice.

12) Look at facial hair removal and see what other steps I can take in my transition (name change? etc…)

13) Be awesome at both of my jobs and feel confident in the work I am doing at them.

14) Put a lot of work and effort into Seminary in the fall, and get things rolling on getting ordained.

15) Fix up some stuff around our house.

Oh- and blog regularly too! What about you readers? Do you have goals for this year?


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