First off- sorry for the delayed blog. The holidays kept me busy. I am a bit tired out after a very active (and fun) weekend.

My thoughts may be short today.

Yesterday, I was browsing through my twitter feed, reading about the bombings in Gaza, and it had me thinking. “Remember when you were unaware of things going on in the world?”. Coming out as trans shook my image of the world. Confronted the privilege I grew up with.

Even this last year, being confronted with police brutality, and finally confronting my own internalized self hate, and confronting my own part in our messed up system.

It’s  challenge, admitting your own guilt. Admitting that you are part of the problem. But only if you do that can you truly help make lasting change.

I won’t lie that their aren’t days that I wish I was unaware. Its so hard sometimes to see negative all over the place. To realize that things are messed up. I grew up thinking that Israel was God’s ordained country in the middle east. Now I can’t stop thinking about the innocent children in Gaza who have their lives ruined by state sponsored terror. Do I wish I could go back to my privileged lack of awareness? Sometimes. The world is easier when you don’t deal with the negative. But I would not change a thing. I feel called to make a difference in the world, and I can’t do that if I don’t confront the real problems of the world.


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